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Application for Childcare Services

We are doing the best to build an environment where children, parents and teachers can grow up and mature together. We always practice childcare at the children’s side, by taking into consideration each family’s background. We foster in children autonomy, assertiveness and accommodativeness, through diversified experiences in multi-age classrooms. We provide opportunities for children to take part in traditional Japanese activities and cultural workshops throughout the year. We are a Christian nursery and welcome families from all faiths.

Qualifying Conditions 【Type 2 Certification】
A child who is 3 to 5 years old and his/her parents/guardians have difficulties in childcare at home due to work or illness.
【Type 3 Certification】
A child who is 0 to 2 years old and his/her parents/guardians have difficulties in childcare at home due to work or illness.
Total Capacity
(65 Children)
【Infants】0-year-old, 5 children
【Toddlers】1-year-old, 10 children, 2-year-old, 15 children
【Preschoolers】3-year-old, 15 children, 4-year-old, 11 children, 5-year-old, 9 children
Service Hours 【Standard】7:00 – 18:00
【Extended】18:00 – 20:15
Holidays Sundays, National Holidays, New Year Holidays (From December 30th through January 3rd)
Fee Basic fee for standard childcare depends on the parents’ income
For children aged 0-2, Minato City government charges a fee.
For children aged 3-5, there is no charge.
Extended fee is 0 to 600 yen per hour (including one supplementary meal per evening.)
School Lunch and Snack
For children aged 0-2, school meals and snacks are included in the basic fee.
For children aged 3-5, 5,000 yen per month.
Application for Admission Please contact and apply through your local Minato city general branch office.

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Temporary Group Childcare

We strive to provide childcare for every child who needs it. As we believe there is no difference between long-term attendants and temporary visitors, we do not separate the two, though many nursery schools do just that. All visiting infants, toddlers and preschoolers are cared for in the same environment as our regular childcare.

Eligibility Criteria 【For Children】
From 4 months old through preschool-age 7 living in Minato city Subject to the certain circumstances for the resident who lives outside of Minato city.
【For Parents】
1. Short-term or continuous work, job training, or school attendance
2. Parental illness, disaster, accident, childbirth, or nursing care
3. Personal reasons such as relief of psychological and physical burdens due to parenting
Frequency Up to 8 times a month in principle
Service Hours Monday through Saturday except national holidays and New Year holidays
Capacity 10 children per day
Fee 【Half-day service (up to 4 hours)】2,000 - 2,600 yen (including meal cost of 400 yen)
【Full-day service (8 hours)】2,000 – 3,400 yen (including meal cost of 400 yen)
【Extended hours】400 yen per hour
Resident outside of Minato city would be charged differently.
Procedure for Application To apply, please contact the school by phone one month in advance between the 1st and 7th day of the month.
Phone number: 03-3441-5410 or +81-3-3441-5410
Office Hours: 10:00 -17:00 on Monday – Friday
● Inform us of the desired date(s) of use
● Contact from the school on the fixed date(s) of use
● Consultation and registration at the school before use
● Childcare starts at the school